Alpha Boys School…132 years old…with an eye clearly on the future


Yesterday was the 132nd  anniversary of Alpha Boys School (a vocational school for young men in Kingston, Jamaica run by the Religious Sisters of Mercy).  For those who love music, Alpha is an almost magical place where many of the unique musical styles that define Jamaican (Ska, Mento, Rock Steady) emerged. 

Today I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Mr. Josh Chamberlain, Special Projects Officer from Alpha.  Josh is on a visit to Canada to continue his successful efforts to build a network of musicians, technicians, educators and lovers of great Jamaican music so that the current success of Alpha can be put on a sustaining path into the future. 

I do not want to get out in front of Josh and his colleagues, but suffice it to say that, if the pieces they are developing come together, there are some very cool things coming from Alpha.  While music will always be the core of the equation, there are plans to evolve Alpha, with its unique facilities and history, into a centre of music technology and innovation.  And in the process, provide Jamaican youth with skills for real jobs that contribute to Jamaica’s future growth.

The plans are very exciting.  It will take lots of support to bring to fruition. 

If you don’t follow them already, please keep your eye on Alpha’s Twitter and Facebook accounts for upcoming developments. 

And if you don’t tune in regularly to their internet radio channel then do so immediately!  If you are Jamaican, you will recognize the tunes and styles and be transported back home.  And for the rest of us (who just wish we were Jamaican) it will have you calling the travel agent to make a booking to visit. 

Alpha Boys School Radio is your passport to Jamaican Music.  And Alpha Boys is on a path to bring more and more success to the youth who study there and more and more of Jamaica to the world. 


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