Electoral Reform: Background Reading

I have gathered up some useful background information for those who wish to read a bit deeper into the issue of electoral reform, both in Canada and in other countries.

Canadian Background

Renewing Democracy: Debating Electoral Reform in Canada (2002) (Law Commission of Canada)

Electoral System Reform in Canada: Objectives, Advocacy and Implications for Governance (2002) (Canadian Policy Research Networks) F. Leslie Seidle

Ontario’s Citizen Assembly on Electoral Reform (2007)

Ontario’s Referendum on Proportional Representation: Why Citizens Said No (2009) (IRPP) Stephenson & Tanguay

British Columbia’s Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform (2004)

PEI Electoral Reform Commission (2003)

Voting Counts: Electoral Reform for Canada (2004) (Law Commission of Canada)

Canada’s Electoral Process: Frequently Asked Questions (2012) (Library of Parliament)

Electoral Reform Initiatives in Canadian Provinces (2009) (Library of Parliament)

Andrew Heard Webpage (Simon Fraser University)

Canada Electoral Reform: Public Opinion on Possible Alternatives (The Broadbent Institute)

International Background

UK Electoral Reform Society

Australia: Why not Proportional Representation?

Readings in Proportional Representation: Professor Douglas J. Amy, Department of Politics, Mount Holyoke College


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