It takes a village to build a village. Join us and help make a difference.

I'm involved with the Canadian non-profit organization Food For The Poor Canada. We are active in Jamaica and Haiti and other Caribbean countries, with a focus on building schools and homes, providing school and medical equipment and supplies, small scale entrepreneurial projects, food supplies for feeding programs, as well as emergency aid following natural disasters. [...]

The USMCA and Canada-China Trade … no clear consensus on what it means for Canada

The recently concluded replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the United States, Mexico, Canada agreement (USMCA) does a number of new things, but one of the most interesting is the clause that requires consultation among USMCA parties if one party intends to conclude a trade agreement with country that is considered a [...]

Gratitude and Remembrance

Gratitude and Remembrance

Members of my extended family... who we thank and remember today.  Extraordinary men all... Marinus Sorensen, Royal Canadian Regiment in WW1 – Canadian Pacific Immigration Agent and Fire Warden in London WW2.  See Abella “None is too Many” (deceased) Colin Frank Sorensen, Royal Canadian Air Force WW2 – shot down, POW and Great Escape/Long March [...]

Taking the long way round…they don’t make adventures like this anymore

Maybe it’s just me and I have passed an dull life, but I have long felt that my generation (the Baby Boom) has not lived a great age of adventure.  Sure, there have been great scientific and technological discoveries…but real adventure?  I don't think there have been as many of them as in the past. [...]