I am beginning a new phase of life, heading into retirement after almost 34 years in public service.  I am also returning to Canada after an amazing 3 years as Canada’s High Commissioner to Jamaica and The Bahamas. I am going to use this blog to try to organize my thoughts as I make these transitions.My professional interests have included Jamaica, The Bahamas and the Caribbean; foreign and international economic policy (with an emphasis on air transportation and trade policy); and Canadian politics.  I hope that I will have some views on these topics that might be of interest to others.I am a lover of good books, fine wine, a good debate, and life at the cottage.I am active on a variety of social media  and I will continue to gather and post some of the best reporting on topics of interest.  From time to time I hope to write on some of these topics.Robert ReadySocial Media ChannelsTwitter 1 (Jamaica; Caribbean; trade; governance etc.)Twitter 2 (mostly Canadian content)Flipboard (curated magazines on topics that interest me)Facebook (generally personal/family stuff)